Advanced Technology

We use the latest tools and technology available

CQS Solutions have numerous tools at their disposal to provide cost effective, accurate measurement and collaboration including Masterbill Micro Systems – QS Cad, Quickscale, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox for Business and Timesheet Xpress.

Masterbill Micro Systems – QS Cad

This programme allows sophisticated measurement of Bulk Earthworks and Drainage in great detail with auditable output in a variety of BQ formats. Bill production is based on Library data from SMM, NRM and CESMM formats amongst others. QS Cad helps us produce accurate Cut & Fill Earthwork quantities in a quick and efficient manner with highly accurate results helping to properly assess a contractors true costs and risks in pricing tenders.


This programme allows simple but speedy take off of 2 dimensional areas and lengths that can be easily annotated and exported to Excel. Irregular shapes can be quickly assessed without the need for lengthy manual calculations.

Microsoft Office 365

CQS have Full/Premium Office 365 subscriptions for all staff that allows efficient communication between the team, email in a single unified format and access to all shared documents remotely via the Cloud.

Dropbox for Business

CQS collaborate with clients using Dropbox for Business to share documents, drawings and photographs. This speeds up information sharing helping to make projects run more effectively and efficiently.

Timesheet Xpress

CQS employees record their time quickly and accurately using Timesheet Xpress. This system allows users to pick Client/Project/Task from a pre-defined list and allocate blocks of time according to the task undertaken. This provides absolute accuracy when we invoice the client and a full, auditable time sheet can be provided for record purposes and to give the customer confidence in our record keeping.

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