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CQS Dispute Resolution

Occasionally there will be differences of opinion that means the parties reach an impasse. It often requires looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes which is where we come in. It is nearly always better to avoid a dispute by negotiation to resolve a problem however, we can produce detailed claim or rebuttal documents where needed. We also offer party advocacy services in Adjudication preparing referrals or responses.

Why choose CQS Solutions?

– We are highly experienced in Construction and Contracting having worked for a range of stakeholders.

– Our professional approach prevents unnecessary escalation.

– We are used to working in forensic detail.

– We take ownership of the issue and responsibility for advising the best outcome.

– Our Principal Surveyor is qualified to MCIArb level on the Construction Adjudication pathway.

How do we do it?

We listen to both sides of the dispute and form a balanced view to avoid unnecessary escalation to ADR or Litigation. Negotiated settlements are the most cost effective in a majority of cases avoiding costly fees for advocates or legal representation.

We are professional in our approach with a forensic attention to detail, so we get to the heart of the problem before making any recommendations.

We have great relationships with local legal firms who can offer advice on strategy or direction where a point of law is key to the dispute.


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